Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tricycle Cycling In Malaysia?

Tricycle was use for a very long time in Malaysia for Human Transportion, it is still being use now but mostly for Tourism & Museum piece, the name they call it is "beca" or Trishaw.

But that not really what this blog is for.

This blog is about trike!, imagine human power vehicle and I bet you will say bicycle, right?
ya, I know, but there are other machine too, - trike!

Bicycle is like Motorbike without the engine.

So Tricycle (Trike) is like Car without the engine.

Imagine the comfort of a car seat and stability but minus the polluting & noisy engine.

Imagine cruising around recreational park, with the bird sound and cool breeze on a self power low noise vehicle that lay back recumbent. It is like taking the gym outdoor.

What do you think?, tell me.

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